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4 Affordable Drone Workshops That Will Make Your Photography Business More In-Demand - PPA Today

4 Affordable Drone Workshops That Will Make Your Photography Business More In-Demand

By Autumn Rice

Drones are the newest and greatest way to diversify your photography business, and offer your clients innovative angles and photographs. But first, you have to know what you're doing. Understanding how to legally, efficiently, and correctly incorporate drones into your business will make a difference in its success or failure.

There are numerous resources available that are credible, and guarantee you get the best education about drones. From in-person Super 1 Day photography workshops to webinar sessions online, there are hundreds of ways to get in the know about drones. To help you get started, here are a few suggestions about upcoming courses and events holding drone-info sessions. 

• Airborne Over Texas is a class organized by the Texas Professional Photographers Association and is all about teaching drone users how to use drones for good and how to pass the FAA's Part 107 portion of the exam. You can also expect a drone demonstration from instructor Justin Moore!

• What's Up With Drones?: This session is part of the Super 1 Day series, this upcoming May, and is all about keeping you legal while using your drone and getting you prepared for the FAA UAG test. Staying legal is the first step to using drones for your business, so this class is a must! If you're in the Oklahoma area, check out this class!

• Thinking About Adding a Drone to Your Photography Business?: If you are considering using drones in our photography business, this class is for you. This course will discuss FAA regulations and testing and available resources, equipment cost and investment cost, insurance and opportunities for drone photography. It is part of the Super 1 Day photography workshops to be held this May and will be held twice that month in order to accommodate everyone who wants to learn.

• Drones-FAA Part 107 Prep Course: There are two dates for this Super 1 Day course. It will teach you the rules and regulations required by the FAA to successfully pass the Part 107 FAA exam and make you a licensed drone pilot. This workshop will help you review the five main areas you will be tested on, and then take a practice exam to see how you'll fair on the real thing!

These are just a few of the sessions available for your drone education. Check out to get the latest and greatest information in drone education from PPA and if you're curious about the Super 1 Day Photography Workshops coming up this May, there are more than 200 classes across the USA!

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