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PPA Today: Drones: November 2016 Archives

Drones: November 2016 Archives

by Sidra Safri

With the holidays right around the corner, many members are looking into getting a drone and adding drone photography to their repertoire.  In adding drone services, many members are focused on making sure they have the best drone, are properly certified, and have all the training necessary to ensure they can capture that fantastic photo. However, during all this excitement, many members will forget that it is necessary to update their contracts to make sure they are protected from any contracted-related issues. 

PPA knows it's important to make sure our members are ready for anything. That's why we have done some of the work for you! Now, under the forms and contracts section, exclusively for PPA members, is a Drone Clause that you can add to your existing contract. This contract has been reviewed and approved by an attorney, but keep in mind this is only meant to be used as a starting point. You still need to make sure you are in compliance with your local and state laws as they can vary drastically from location to location. 

Last, but not least, remember to fill out the Drone Survey request you received last week. These survey responses help guide PPA in knowing what our members want and need, thus allowing us to provide you with the best possible benefits! 

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by Sidra Safri 
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In the past four months, all everybody seems to be talking about are Drones. Between trying to figure out the new FAA regulations, deciding what type of drone to get, studying for the FAA certification test, and making sure you are properly insured; it can make anybody's head spin. If only there was someone who has been through the process that you could talk to! Well, guess what? There is! PPA is providing its members with two great opportunities to get all your drone questions answered. 

PPA member Eddie Tapp is hosting an "Ask Me Anything" session on November 14th and 15th, exclusively on theLoop, PPA's members-only online networking platform. An "Ask Me Anything" is like an online press conference where YOU get to ask the questions. For those two days, members can log in to theLoop and post a question for Eddie to answer. Check back frequently, as Eddie will be answering your questions throughout the 48-hour period. Eddie has always been on the cutting edge of drone photography, and has become an expert in the area. Just take a look at his recent article in Professional Photographer magazine to get a feel for how knowledgeable he is on the subject of drones. During the Ask Me Anything on November 14th and 15th, Eddie will be available for you to: 

Ask away! He will answer all your questions (that he can)
get the inside scoop on what to study for the FAA test 
go over what to look for when buying a drone, and 
get some tips and tricks on how to master flying your drone to get the best shots. 

Just remember to Save the Date(s) of November 14th & 15th, log onto theLoop, and search for the AMA thread/conversation and ask away! 

Once you have all your drone-photography-related questions answered by Eddie, make sure you save time to tune in and switch over to the Drone Insurance webinar to be hosted by Lockton Affinity on November 15th at 2:00 pm. 

Lockton and PPA are long time partners, but what's new is that the team is now providing some of the most comprehensive and affordable drone photography insurance coverage out there and only available to PPA members. During the November 15th presentation, a Lockton representative will go over all the details of the policy, what it covers, and how to make sure you and your investment are always protected.
This upcoming information-packed live online presentation is free and open to the public, but it does require signing up. To secure your spot today, simply go to the Drone Photography Insurance Options webinar sign-up page!

If you're preparing to start adding drone photography into your business or just want more information because your interest is piqued...check out these two great opportunities next week and take "drone-ership" of your photography business! 

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By Bethany Clark

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While many people enjoy flying drones for personal use, when it comes to flying for commercial photography purposes, you've got to really dot your i's and cross your t's to make sure you start off (and stay) on the right foot. 2016 has been an exciting year in the world of commercial drone use, what with the new FAA regulations, the steps to becoming a small drone pilot, and lots of buzz about new equipment, and with all of that going on, PPA is committed to providing you with the most up-to-date information and resources, so that adding a drone component to your business is as seamless - and profitable - as possible.

If you plan to add a drone to your photography business, you'll definitely want to bookmark the PPAedu drone track, which, like all of the other topics and tutorials packed into the PPAedu library, that help you sharpen your photography techniques, marketing strategies, sales techniques, and business operations, is free for PPA members to access at any time, 24/7.

Check out some of the topics available already, taught by Randy Braun, Director of Product Experience with DJI, and Stacy Garlington, Product Specialist with DJI:

Instructors: Randy Braun, Stacy Garlington
Randy and Stacy cover the basics of drones, from guidelines to etiquette to how to incorporate drones to leverage your photography business.

Instructors: Randy Braun, Stacy Garlington
Randy and Stacy respond to the most frequently asked questions about drone photography. Now is the time to become involved, as this new technology will soon have you soaring above the competition in your marketplace.

Instructors: Randy Braun, Stacy Garlington
Buying a drone? Watch the video and learn which features you should be looking for when buying your first drone and how to choose a drone that fits your needs. Key features to look for: price, camera, lens quality, and much more.

Instructors: Randy Braun, Stacy Garlington
So you want to fly a drone? First learn the safety, rules, and proper flying etiquette before you take flight. Randy and Stacy will discuss the basic safety procedures that go into flying a drone, as well as the FAA flight rules and regulations. 

Instructors: Randy Braun, Stacy Garlington
Randy and Stacy give a brief overview of the DJI drone hardware components, as well as give a quick tour of the DJI Go App.

Instructors: Randy Braun, Stacy Garlington
Curious about what goes into flying a drone? Watch this episode as Stacy shows you a basic overview of flying a drone from the pre-flight checklist to take-off and landing, as well as basic drone flight terminology. 

Instructors: Randy Braun, Stacy Garlington
Join Randy and Stacy as they discuss the added value drones can generate to your photography business. Learn how to broaden your client base and expand your line of services. 

If you're a member of PPA, just log in to watch PPAedu at any time. If you're not a member yet, you can experience one PPAedu video a month at, and if that's not enough, join PPA today for full access to all the PPAedu videos! (When you join, you'll also benefit from the dedicated drone community on theLoop! Join today!) 

And if you want an up-close and in-person experience with a drone, be sure to attend Imaging USA 2017! There will be a range of drone classes and exhibitors ready and willing to talk to you about all things drone. So what are you waiting for? Register today


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