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Don't Fear the Photography Sales Process...Take Control! - PPA Today

Don't Fear the Photography Sales Process...Take Control!

Wylie_Kimberly.jpgMany photographers work hard at creating beautiful images and then lose total confidence when it comes to selling them. Why? "The answer is a bad four-letter word: fear," says Kimberly Wylie, who presented the webinar, "Living the Dream: Overcome Your Sales Nightmares," on April 20th. (Archived webinar available for purchase now.)

In fact, Wylie was guilty of that very thing when she first started her business. She was afraid to charge too much and ended up pricing too low. "One day I did the math and came to the realization that after all the hours I was working, I was not even making minimum wage!" Wylie explains. "It was my first wake-up call to start taking this business seriously and to start analyzing my costs and time."  

After her first child was born, she suddenly valued her own time much more and had what she calls her second wake-up call. "I knew what was important to me, and it helped me stand strong and do what I needed to do to bring my company's financials back to a healthy place."

Of course, it's easy to know where you need to's not so easy to know how to get there. That is why it is so beneficial to learn from others' experiences! Take another of Wylie's sales "mistakes" as an example: letting the client be in control with online sales. She remembers the days they were so excited to hear the fax machine ring because it meant an order was coming in. And if it had an 11x14 on it they felt lucky!

When clients are left to their own devices, they tend to order traditional sizes like 8x10s and 5x7s. "That's what they think they are 'supposed' to do," explains Wylie. But by changing her sales process, positioning herself as an artist and focusing attention on her wall art specialty, she's even sold a 150x100 five-panel wrap to complement a client's home décor.

A key element that helped Wylie's studio instantly increase sales averages was having their suggested collections prepared ahead of time. She knows that when clients can see what they are buying, it's easier for them to make a larger investment in wall art. Another basic (but powerful) sales technique she uses is an outline of a sales session's flow--there's a psychology to how she approaches a sale and in what order (more information to come in the webinar!).
"Now, we are in control," says Wylie about her sales. "We show what we want, in a comfortable environment, and with ourselves present to help clients with professional suggestions. Our clients love it, as they are no longer left with all these decisions to make on their own. Take control--it is in your client's best interest."

Are you ready to learn more about Wylie's sales psychology, take control and overcome your own sales nightmares? Join her for "Living the Dream: Overcome Your Sales Nightmares" (April 20, 12pm Eastern).

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