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Cut Your Taxes & Get the Goods with United Funding

As the year draws to a close, United Funding, LLC, one of PPA's benefit partners, has some sound financial advice--advice that could make your holidays even sweeter. For instance, did you know you can expense new equipment purchases made in the previous year, as in DEDUCT those purchases from your current 2012 taxable income?*

That new camera, lens or even software may qualify under IRS Section 179 if bought and installed by December 31, 2012. And that means you could lower what you owe in taxes just by getting the goodies you already wanted and needed for your business!

Take a look at how United Funding's "Tax-Cutter Program" can help you save thousands of dollars on new equipment expenses:

Without Using Section 179

Example 1

Example 2

Original Taxable Income




Equipment Cost   



New Taxable Income




Marginal Tax (Assumed)   




Tax Savings




That may already be music to your ears, and we haven't even gotten to the finale yet! Remember: PPA members also get a rebate on the equipment cost on all leases and loans funded through United Funding, LLC (maximum rebate is $1,000). Their convenient online payment calculator and online credit application make it easy to apply for that financing, too. In fact, United Funding will work with you to finance under the standard $5,000 minimum!

Ready to fill out your business wish list with a purchase before the year ends? To apply for financing, visit PPA's online Benefit page. For even more information, speak with your tax advisor or call Bob Bell of United Funding, LLC: 800-685-7571

*Limited to taxable income. (If you don't have taxable income, you can't take this deduction.)
**This example is only intended to explain the tax benefits under this provision. This benefit is available to businesses regardless of their structure. Please consult with your tax professional to determine the accuracy of the calculations and the best structure for you.

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