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Upcoming Drone Legislation - PPA Today

Upcoming Drone Legislation

2015 is going to be a crazy year for drone law, there's no question about it. The Federal Aviation Administration will have to act by the end of the year to meet congressional deadlines while state legislatures have already started passing their own rules on drones. 

Here is PPA's stance on this issue:  we certainly recognize that there are both safety and privacy issues. We believe there are simple fixes for both, and will be working closely with the FAA and Congress to find solutions that will work for both parties.  

While we recognize the need for regulating the safe use of drones, PPA believes that the legal use of these flying devices will allow for photography to become safer as a whole profession. Whether it's climbing trees, or hanging off cliffs, professional photographers have placed themselves in perilous situations to capture that perfect shot for years. Hopefully drone use in the photographic industry will replace the need to get into some of the precarious situations. 

PPA will be working tirelessly on this issue this year, the primary objecting being to carve out a legal way for photographers to incorporate unmanned aircraft into their process and product offerings. Regardless of the outcome, we'll keep you updated throughout this very exciting year!

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