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New Drone Resources

By Sarah Ackerman

Regulations surrounding drone operations are on the verge of major changes as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) continues to make the integration of drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) top priority. PPA is here to help you understand the changes. 

We've published two resources at to help you navigate the legal mumbo jumbo surrounding the world of professional photography and drone usage. 

This article walks you through current regulations and what to expect once more changes from the FAA come to fruition. Think you're operating legally? Give it a read and make sure. The last things you want are fines or make it more difficult to become certified because you weren't aware of the rules and regulations. 

Choose your own adventure! Answer questions and follow the path to your answer of "Can I legally fly my drone?" Remember that changes are on the way! Just because you may not be able to legally operate a drone now, doesn't mean that will always be the case. New regulations are expected within the next couple of months!

PPA's goal is to keep you legal and informed as these rules change. We're back in Washington, D.C. this week working with legislators on drones and copyright issues. Stay up-to-date at and Be More Protected. 

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Sarah Ackerman manages all things social media for PPA and Imaging USA. When she's not living on the internet, she loves improv comedy, going on wilderness adventures, gallivanting around the globe, knitting, wood working and yoga. 

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