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COPYRIGHT RECON: Time to Investigate FedEx Kinko’s - PPA Today

COPYRIGHT RECON: Time to Investigate FedEx Kinko’s

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PPA’s RECON program is investigating FedEx Kinko’s – and it  needs your help.  

As a copyright enforcement driven by volunteer participation, PPA is asking its 17,000 members to get involved by placing an investigative order with the retailer.

The process is simple:
Take a clearly marked photographic print (or CD of images that is clearly marked as containing copyrighted material) and ask to have some copies made. Then, report the results of your test to PPA – it’s that simple.

If the store associate refuses to make the copy, thank them. If the store associate makes the copy, or allows you to make the copy please keep a copy of your receipt and your filled order. Regardless of the outcome, contact PPA by e-mail at and  let us know how it went.

PPA will compile the results and then present them to FedEx Kinko’s, and depending on the overall outcome we will present them with a note of thanks or demands that things improve.  

If you want to find the FedEx Kinko’s nearest you, click here.

The investigation period will end Saturday, March 31, 2007. If you have any questions about the RECON program, contact Maria Matthews in PPA’s Copyright and Government Affairs Department at


Last night I went to my local FedEX-Kinko's and ask them to make a copy of a photograph I had done. The words "Copyright 2007 Frazier's Studio" was printed on the bottom of the photograph. They refused to make an copy and explained that it was a copyrighted work and they could not make a copy without the owners written permission. The store was in State College PA.
Mike Frazier

As a photolab employee/manager (not @ kinkos) I think it would be a great idea to stop in and speak to managers & employees about professional pictures and thank them for protecting your work. I always tell customers they need permision and I get cursed out all the time. Having a presence at the copying places will show the employees a face and will keep them on their toes to stop people from making illegal copies. Maybe for this website you could have facts specific to pictures and what is copywriten (years)and try to cut out all the confusion for clients & photolabs/color copy stores. Something that could be printed out & given to stores so they have a short version of the law so its easier to follow and have something they can use to show customers that are trying to make copies. I used to work at staples and they were somewhat strict, I have always been pretty anal about it, because its the only time I can tell a customer NO! lol

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