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Copyright Education Site Aimed at Children

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The U.S. Copyright Office announces a new kid-friendly website full of helpful information for parents and educators. Entitled "Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright"  the website is aimed at educating children on the importance of copyright.  Site features animated vingettes hosted by Detective Cop E. Wright, which explains how copyright protects the creator, an interactive question and answer section, and the history of copyright law.

For more information on this website or the U.S. Copyright Office visit


We need more than a kid friendly site we need a scare the hell out of them site-I have given up photographing seniors-they have copy parties-I tried texture-they still copy. One had nerve to say O she didnt need to order any blcak and white-she could do on her computer at work!!They dont even know it is theft!! BB

I agree! I'm a part-time photographer and also work with copyright permissions in my full time job. I'm constantly working with my kids about copying images off the internet and music, etc... They have projects at school where they make notebook covers and I don't think their teachers talk about copyright! It makes me crazy!

As I always tell my kids, just because it's so easy to copy and technologically possible, doesn't mean it's legal!!


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