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CEO David Trust to be a Panelist at Copyright Review Listening Session - PPA Today

CEO David Trust to be a Panelist at Copyright Review Listening Session

If you've been keeping up with PPA's advocacy coverage, you know that right now is an extremely important time for copyright on Capitol Hill. The House Judiciary Committee recently wrapped up a series of 20 hearings, known as the Copyright Review, during which they heard testimony from 100 witnesses. Following the last hearing, Chairman Goodlatte - chairman of the Committee - announced that they would extend the Copyright Review through a listening tour. 

The Copyright Review Listening Tour involves members of the Committee traveling the country to hear directly from content creators and other key copyright stakeholders. The first stop on the tour was held in Nashville, Tennessee where the conversation centered on the music industry. This week there are two more listening sessions to be held in California, today in the Silicon Valley, and tomorrow in Los Angeles - both of these stops aim to capture a broader view of the copyright industries, involving representatives from the motion picture industry, the visual arts, publishers, libraries, image licensing organizations, professional photographers, tech companies and more.

PPA CEO David Trust received a personal invitation from Chairman Goodlatte to sit on the panel in Los Angeles as the voice of the photographic industry. There will be a dozen members of Congress present at the panel discussion and PPA's CEO will petition them for repairs to the copyright system in America so that it works for all creators. Trust will continue to voice PPA's message - that current copyright in America disenfranchises the vast majority of creators by not offering adequate enforcement mechanisms for copyright infringements, and that now is the time to fix this inequity. He will also reinforce PPA's three main legislative priorities: 1) the implementation of a small claims process for copyright enforcement, 2) modifications to the copyright registration system, and 3) modernization of the U.S. Copyright Office. 

Stay tuned for an update following this Copyright Review listening session!

Lindsey Forson is PPA's Copyright & Government Affairs Coordinator.  She works with members on a daily basis addressing copyright questions and works closely with our CEO to advocate for professional photographers on Capitol Hill and to keep members informed on the issues that affect their businesses. She's new to Atlanta and spends most of her free time exploring the city (restaurants, markets, parks); spends three nights a week playing soccer and is a huge Auburn fan.

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