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Capitol Hill Update from PPA's Government Affairs Team - PPA Today

Capitol Hill Update from PPA's Government Affairs Team


By Maria Matthews, Manager of PPA's Copyright and Government Affairs department


While you kept your eyes squarely focused through your viewfinder, or honed in on the finer points of the next great image you're retouching, PPA's Government Affairs Team was walking and talking to key staffers on Capitol Hill.


On its February 3-4 visit, PPA's CEO David Trust spoke with some rather influential individuals on the copyright and health insurance fronts, including the Chief Counsel of the House Judiciary Committee's Intellectual Property Subcommittee. The Chief Counsel is the committee's point-person on this particular reform movement. He sets the hearing schedule, who gets to testify at each one, and the honor of receiving feedback from key stakeholders--like us.  


While offering our thoughts on the most recent hearings, we learned that there are many more to come between now and the end of the congressional session (likely late November or early-December). Copyright owners can anticipate many more hearings on just about every aspect of the current statute as the committee dissects the current laws in the hopes of drafting "the next great copyright law". As dates are set and milestones achieved, we'll be there to lend your voice and keep you in the know.


Also on the copyright itinerary this trip was a meeting with the Copyright Alliance. PPA is a founding member and longtime supporter of the Copyright Alliance, an industry coalition made up of associations that represent creators (like PPA!), and corporations that produce copyrighted content. The coalition helps to lend a larger voice to the copyright community. We are eager to work even closer with the Copyright Alliance this year, both as the copyright review unfolds and the alliance itself rolls out a number of programs to benefit all creators. Stay tuned for more on this front!


Our first visit of the year is always a good time to take the temperature of the healthcare climate on Capitol Hill. To help get a sense what might be in the pipeline for the small business photographer, we visited with the Small Business Coalition for Affordable Healthcare. We learned that much of this year's action will be on the regulatory front, this means IRS publications and white (or other colored) papers from key Department of Health and Human Services agencies. We are hopeful that there is still some momentum in both the House and Senate to address business owners' concerns with the Affordable Care Act.


To ensure we're keeping the pulse of the Hill, PPA will again find itself in Washington on March 10-11 for a copyright small claims court themed roundtable organized by the U.S. Copyright Office! 

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