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PPA Today: Copyright: August 2017 Archives

Copyright: August 2017 Archives

By Sidra Safri

Recently, PPA posted about software by Google that enhances low-resolution photos into high-quality images. Now, Google researchers have taken it one step further and have taught software to remove any sort of watermark from images! This makes it effectively harder to protect your copyright. 

As reported by Startlr, according to Google Researchers Tali Dekel and Michael Rubinstein:

"As often happens with vulnerabilities found in operating systems, applications, or protocols, we want to unleash this vulnerability and offer solutions to help the communities of stock images and photos adapt and better protect their author's content and creations." 

Dekel and Rubinstein believe additional elements of randomness should be used in future watermarks to protect the copyrighted works of creators. 

Currently there is no indication of this software being available to the public, but it's now more important than ever to make sure you not only have a watermark on your images, but also a copyright notice on both your images and in your metadata

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By Sidra Safri

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For some time now, you have heard PPA talk about how important it is to protect your copyright. Some of you have taken action by joining our Artist Rights Movement and have even contacted Congress when the time came! For that, we THANK YOU!

Besides joining the Artist Rights Movement, there is one more thing you can do to make sure your copyright is protected... and that is to stay informed and knowledgeable. The more you know about copyright laws and regulations, the more you can use these laws and regulations to protect your copyright. 

PPA now has a fun quiz you can take to see how much you really know about copyright rules! Head on over to to see how much you know about the copyright laws that effect you every day! 

iStock_000054785490_Large.jpgHave you seen this? PPA's CEO David Trust has published an article on and it's all about the fight for copyright reform. Be sure to head over to Medium, give the article a read and SHARE it with your social networks. It's only through the support of the entire artistic community and beyond that we will move Congress to take action on this very important issue.

by Sidra Safri

Photographers and creative artists are always looking for ways to make sure their images are protected by their copyright. Some methods include adding watermarks and company logos on their images. Granted, none of these stop an infringer, but they do put the infringer on notice that they may be in violation of Copyright Law. 

Another popular way to ensure your image has your copyright is to embed your copyright information into your metadata. Metadata is a collection of information that stays with your image to help identify the image, its owner, and when it was created. 

In your metadata, you want to encode your copyright notice. Below are a few examples of how your copyright notice should be worded:

  • © year of publication, name of photographer/studio

  • © all rights reserved, year of publication, (name of studio/ photographer) 

Metadata is not visual at the surface level when you are looking at the image, but can be seen when using any editing software and looking at the embedded code. Since your metadata is not seen when looking at the image, it is always good to use it in combination with watermarks or logo placement. 

And, as always, remember-- you always own your copyright unless you have agreed to give it away. Just because you create the images for someone does not mean they own the copyright. 

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by Sidra Safri 

For a long time now you have been hearing PPA push for Copyright Modernization and Small Claims copyright protections for photographers. The good news is that a lot of progress has been made in both areas, but still have a ways to go to ensure their success as legislation. A few weeks ago in our blog you saw a flyer that explained why Small Claims makes sense. 

This week we wanted to take the opportunity and show you why it is necessary to push for Modernization of the Copyright Office.  When we say modernization, PPA means the ability to upgrade the registration system, make the registration process smoother, and also allow for a stronger infrastructure that can support a large increase in copyright registration. Take a look below for some interesting information about the current registration system. Be sure to share this graphic with your friends and stay tuned to so everyone can support copyright modernization! 

Copyright Numbers Flyer 2017_Final.jpg


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