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PPA Today: Copyright: September 2010 Archives

Copyright: September 2010 Archives

Dear PPA Member,

We live in a digital world. The fine art of handwritten letters still exists, but most of our communications these days are by text or e-mail. Intimate conversations still occur, but the setting may be Skype or Facetime rather than next to a roaring fire. As the technology we use changes, so does the way we live"and work.

While many PPA members began their careers before the advent of digital cameras, digital opened up a whole new world of options. Not only did you have access to new equipment and technology, but how you presented images to your clients changed as well. Does the request for digital files ring a bell for anyone? What do you do when a client demands them?

Nothing can take the place of a cherished handwritten letter, a friendly hug"or a beautifully created heirloom print. But when you can't have those, digital will have to do. This week's Vital Signs discusses how to establish your policy on sharing digital files. When you encounter a client who makes this request (if you haven't already), it's best to know where you stand on the issue and how to respond so that everyone wins. Communicating your digital files policy (and educating your clients on copyright at the same time) is part of living in this digital world.

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

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