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PPA Today: Copyright: October 2009 Archives

Copyright: October 2009 Archives

Dear PPA Member,

I think the holidays make everyone just a teensy bit crazy. Don't get me wrong--I'm talking about crazy in a good way. Whether giddy with the gift-giving or rocking out with friends and family, people want to share and give tokens of love and friendship to those they adore.

No, I'm not thinking fruitcake or a Chia Pet. They want to give something special, and that means images of themselves and their families, looking their best because they've gotten a professional portrait done. By you.

Except...they don't call you for reprints or a new order. And you have a sneaking suspicion that they've gone somewhere else to get your copyrighted image reproduced. (And sometimes, instead of sneaking, your suspicion saunters boldly down the street in the form of a holiday card with the image you took scanned onto it.) What gives?

It's just that time of year when people get a teensy bit crazy, and they may forget that you own the copyright. This week's Vital Signs offers ways to politely remind your clients (and retailers) that while you love fruitcake and Chia Pets as much as everyone else, the best gift you could get this year is the gift of a print order.

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

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