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PPA Today: Copyright: May 2009 Archives

Copyright: May 2009 Archives

Dear PPA Member,

Part of being successful in the professional photography business is simply loving what you do. It shows! You put a lot of work (and passion) into every image you take. And when that effort is seemingly disregarded by those who illegally use the image, it can hurt--and not only due to some lost revenue.

Last week, Vital Signs focused an article on ways to begin educating those who contribute to image copyright infringement. Yes, your client needs that education, but don't forget about the other parties. Think about this: if your client skips out of the studio to make some copies of the photograph on the cheap, they are not alone in the infringement. Someone okayed the reproduction order, probably without thinking twice.

So how can you help keep photo retailers educated and vigilant? PPA has a program to help with this tutelage: the Retail Compliance Network (RECON) program. This week's Vital Signs explains how this program works and how you can be a part of that combined education.

It's truly amazing what is accomplished when photographers work together--I see it every day!

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Membership

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Several years ago, most didn't think twice about burning a copy of a CD or downloading songs off peer-to-peer file sharing sites. Then, the artists and music industry spoke out. More importantly, they increased public education about breaking copyright laws. Now, even DVDs tend to have a "commercial" before the movie that refers to such actions as stealing.

That kind of combined education sends a loud message...and that's the kind of education that can help protect your images from client copyright infringement. This week's article touches on how to begin such copyright education yourself (to both clients and photo retailers). Next week, you'll learn about PPA's shiny new Retail Compliance Network (RECON Program) and how you can be a part of that education.

PPA is always searching for the best way to help you protect your copyrights. Infringements won't disappear instantly, but each educational step can help strengthen your rights and your clients' awareness of them.

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Membership

P.S. Stay tuned for next week's Vital Signs article (May 14). You'll learn more about the revamped Retail Compliance Network--our RECON program--where you can help investigate photo retailers to improve their compliance with copyright laws.

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