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PPA Today: Copyright: October 2008 Archives

Copyright: October 2008 Archives

Dear PPA Member,

If something is precious, you want to take care of it--and insure it in case something happens. Many of you wouldn't think of not having insurance on your camera equipment or studio, yet forget to insure something that is also precious to your business: images.

This week's article, "Protect Your Greatest Asset," discusses why copyrighting your images is important, what you can do to prevent "innocent infringements," and steps you can take right now to avoid the unpleasant experience of losing revenue because your clients don't understand what copyright means.

We want you to keep your money where it belongs: in your pockets, not left on the table because someone scanned an image instead of coming back to you for a reprint. Copyrighting your images and educating your clients can help. We here at PPA believe in education (and lobby for you and your copyrights in Congress), and we're happy to share articles like this with you.

Al Hopper
Director of Membership

Intellectual property owners can rest a bit easier knowing that the President signed The Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property Act of 2008, or the PRO-IP Act. With Orphan Works legislation looming, PPA is pleased to see that a bill tightening intellectual property enforcement was swiftly signed into law. PPA has worked vigorously through its involvement in the Copyright Alliance for the bill's passage.

"PPA has been a strong supporter of the PRO-IP Act," stated PPA CEO David Trust. "The passage of this important bill is a victory for photographers and all copyright holders."

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