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COPYRIGHT RECON: Time to Investigate Target - PPA Today

COPYRIGHT RECON: Time to Investigate Target


Thank you to everyone who participated in PPA’s March RECON investigation of FedEx Kinko’s.  Our efforts found that a majority of stores did not comply with federal copyright law.  PPA has reported these results to FedEx Kinko's and has opened a dialogue with their organization to increase their compliance. 

PPA’s RECON program now needs your help to investigate Target Photo Centers.  As a copyright enforcement effort driven by volunteer participation, PPA is asking its 18,000 members to get involved by placing an investigative order with the retailer.

The process is simple:
Take a clearly marked photographic print (or CD of images that is clearly marked as containing copyrighted material) and ask to have some copies made. Then, report the results of your test to PPA.

If the store associate refuses to make the copy, thank them. If the store associate makes the copy, or allows you to make the copy please keep a copy of your receipt and your filled order. Regardless of the outcome, contact PPA by e-mail at and let us know how it went.

The investigation period will end Saturday, June 30, 2007. PPA will compile the results and present them to Target, and depending on the overall outcome we will present them with a note of thanks or demands that things improve.   

If you want to find the Target nearest you, click here. Be sure to check the "Photo Center” box to assure the store you visit has an operational photo center.

If you have any questions about the RECON program, contact Maria Matthews in PPA’s Copyright and Government Affairs Department at

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