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Virus Alert! Fake FedEx/UPS Emails... - PPA Today

Virus Alert! Fake FedEx/UPS Emails...

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Be careful! It's been brought to our attention that there is a new virus scam going around in members' inboxes. Don't open any suspicious emails from UPS or FEDEX! 

Here are links where you can read about these viruses and see examples of the email content

How can I tell if it's fake?
Typically, the "From" address is not a standard UPS/FedEx format email address. Or, there will be letter substitutions such as "O" for "0" or "1" for "I" in the email address. In the message body, hover your mouse over the tracking number link and the true web address is revealed - if it's not or, then it's fake.

What happens if I click on it? 
If you click on the message link, it could encrypt the entire contents of your hard drive and possibly spread to any shared network you're on. Encrypted files are unrecoverable. 

What if I already clicked on it?
You may or may not see anything happening right away, but if the response you get is unexpected--act quickly! Unplug the internet cable from your laptop or PC, reboot your computer, clear your cache and run a virus scan as soon as possible. Even if it is a false alarm, you've done no harm - so don't react too slowly to a perceived threat.

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