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Congratulations to MARS Scholarship Winners Stephen Lewis and Glenn Nielson! - PPA Today

Congratulations to MARS Scholarship Winners Stephen Lewis and Glenn Nielson!

Stephen Lewis followed in his father's footsteps and has served the military for the last 17merit_and_degree_icon.jpg years (Thank you, Stephen!). He always loved taking pictures, but a few years ago he realized that his photography 'hobby' had grown into something greater. He purchased a Nikon d3000 DSLR, enrolled in a digital photography class at the community college of Rhode Island and found a passion he never knew existed. Since he plans to retire from the military in a few years, he decided to do something he really loves for the next 20. He has been working towards his BS in Photography ever since and will graduate in July.

Stephen is excited to attend MARS because he feels that learning from top photographers in the field will help him think and shoot like them - and maybe one day even become one of them. But no matter where his career goes, the knowledge he gains at MARS will give him a competitive advantage over other photographers who weren't fortunate enough to have this unique opportunity.

His dream assignment would be photographing for Samuel Adams beer. He would love to shoot beverage ads for magazines and billboards. Hopefully his time at MARS school will get him one step closer to that dream!

Glenn Nielsen was raised on a farm in Southern Utah, where he learned the value of a hard day's work and the importance of committing to getting a job done right. His early desire to fly, and his dad's career as a US Army Air Corps pilot, fueled his desire to tenaciously pursue an appointment to the Air Force Academy. His determination paid off and he spent 22 years in the Air Force. (We appreciate your service, Glenn!)

He bought his first camera in Thailand and documented the beauty and poverty of Southeast Asia, then Japan, Korea and any other place he traveled. Years later, he and he wife took a river cruise to China and his passion was reborn. There were so many stunning things to photograph and he and his Nikon D80 explored it all.

Glenn decided he wanted to be a professional photographer, despite his lack of experience. He took advantage of photo walks, meet-up groups, online forums, webinars and books about his new craft. While the road to this career has been more challenging than he imagined, he is resolved to do whatever it takes to make it to the next level. He doesn't want to be mediocre - he wants to be GOOD.

His time at MARS will be instrumental in moving his career forward. He believes the concentrated learning experience will give him new skills set to set himself apart from others. He is most looking forward to the Painter class with Mills, as having the ability to produce something other than just a photograph will foster respect from clients and result in larger sales.

Glenn's dream assignment is to travel around the world, photographing landscapes, architecture and people. He welcomes the challenge of finding something unique about a site that has been photographed a million times, or catching a person's expression that tells an entire story. Surely his time at MARS will help prepare him for this opportunity when it arises!

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