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Want to Learn How to Judge the International Photographic Competition? Attend the Judges Workshop - PPA Today

Want to Learn How to Judge the International Photographic Competition? Attend the Judges Workshop

By Chris Homer

PPA's International Photographic Competition (IPC) is right around the corner August 1 - 4 at Gwinnett Technical College in Lawrenceville, GA. The Judges Workshop will take place at the same location, starting on July 31, just before the IPC judging begins, and running until August 3. 

While watching the IPC Live Stream last year, did you find yourself wondering why the judges scored images the way they did? If so, consider attending the Judges Workshop! You'll learn what makes a photograph award-winning material and demystify the world of image judging. You'll explore the ins-and-outs of what makes a print "merit worthy" and observe the competition process and protocol. You'll even get the chance to mock-judge images to learn by doing, and you'll leave this course confident in your ability to identify those merit images. 

If you want to be a judge at the IPC, attending this workshop is your first step! Plus, learning what judges look for in a merit worthy image will help you when entering your own work in the IPC. It's a great learning experience that can help expand your skills as a photographer. 

Register for the Judges Workshop today, space is limited! And remember to start preparing your images for the IPC, which will begin accepting entries on May 23. 

ch_headshot_100x100.jpgAbout the author:
Chris Homer is PPA's SEO & Web Specialist, which basically makes Google Analytics his best friend. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Chris cheers passionately (and obnoxiously) for the Bulldogs in all things from football to checkers. When he's not hard at work on PPA's websites, you'll find Chris at auto racing events around the southeast, where he's known as a master architect of tent villages.

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