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The Courage to Enter Competition - PPA Today

The Courage to Enter Competition

"I'm definitely addicted to competing," says Suzy Roberts of Suzy Min Photography and TriCoast Photography. And if she doesn't get the scores she wants, she knows she'll be heartbroken, "but I'll take it, learn from it and do better next time!"

Do you have the courage of Suzy Roberts--or any of the thousands of photographers who enter PPA's International Photographic Competition (IPC) every year? These photographers use competition to push themselves and better their art (among other reasons). April 27 is your day to join their ranks, for that's the 2011 IPC deadline! Register now for the competition of excellence.

*NOTE TO ALL DISTRICT COMPETITORS: If you earned a Seal of Approval on any image, you must enter that "sealed" image in this upcoming IPC before you can earn the merit.

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