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PPA Announces the Imaging Excellence Bar - PPA Today

PPA Announces the Imaging Excellence Bar


To honor a rare accomplishment in PPA competitions, the PPA Board has approved the Imaging Excellence Bar (IE Bar). This bar is only received if an image maker is able to earn an additional 13 Loan Merits from PPA…on top of the first 13 required for the Imaging Excellence Award. The IE Bar will be presented for every 13 additional Loan Merits earned.

The original Imaging Excellence Award was created by the Photographic Exhibitions Committee (PEC), honoring the outstanding image makers who earn 13 Loan Merits and have one or more PPA Master Degrees. This award, presented during the Imaging USA Awards & Degree Ceremony, provides an opportunity for competitors to reach a higher level…beyond their Master Degrees. And now, those who exhibit an even greater skill in photographic competition are recognized with this IE Bar.

The IE Bar has been exquisitely designed by PPA member Kaye Frey, who also designed the Imaging Excellence Award pin. This bar is distinguished by its black lacquer finish, central stone, and gold trim.

The first IE Bar was presented in honor of Buddy Stewart, M.Photog.Cr, CPP, API, F-ASP, who earned the required number of Loan Merits before his passing. It was received by Lola, his wife, at Imaging USA 2009 in Tampa.

Applications for the IE Bar may be sent to Marisa Pitts at PPA.

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