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Is the Master Artist Competition Right for You? - PPA Today

Is the Master Artist Competition Right for You?

Did you know that there's a special competition for those images that are more artistic in nature? Whether submitting original artwork or an extensively manipulated digital image, you can enter the Master Artist Competition at the PPA Southeast District Photographic Competition (deadline for entry: March 22).

Is It the Right Choice for Your Entry?
The Master Artist Competition is judged using different criteria than the "regular" photographic competitions (where just the final image result is considered when applying a score). With this special competition, the final result is a factor, but the execution of technique and degree of difficulty are also considered. That's why guide images are encouraged--to help the judges understand the process used and techniques involved in creating the final image. Techniques may be electronic or traditional (actual paint for example) or a combination thereof.

In fact, an image that may be worthy of a merit in regular competition, may not be so in the Master Artist Competition if the final image did not require significant artistic expertise to accomplish the result. So, remember that use of technique plays a major factor in the awarding of Seals of Approval or merits in this category.

Why Did the Competition Name Change?
The Master Artist Competition was formerly known as the Electronic Imaging Competition. The name change came about as a way to better connect this competition to the PPA merits you can earn through it. All exhibition merits awarded in the Master Artist Competition are credited towards the Master Artist degree (the new name for the Master of Electronic Imaging degree) because of the skills it evaluates.

Can You Enter?
Yes! Anyone can enter the Master Artist Competition. You do not have to hold a Master of Photography degree. Just remember that you start by entering at the Southeast District Photographic Competition, regardless of what district you are in. It's the only place you can enter this special competition before the International Photographic Competition.

And here's some more good news: You can enter in both the Master Artist Competition at the Southeast District AND your own district's regular Photographic Open Competition. If you're a PPA member, this puts you on the path toward two PPA degrees and doubles your outlet for creativity!

You have until March 22 to enter in the Southeast District, so get your entries ready now...and good luck!

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