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PPA Competition Critique: "Spears of Gold" - PPA Today

PPA Competition Critique: "Spears of Gold"

We get it. Image competitions can be intimidating, especially if it's your first time putting your work out to be judged. What exactly are they looking for? Should you get a critique? If you do, will they just be ruthless? 

To take out some of that fear, we're going to share with you a critique of the week from the 2014 International Photographic Competition (IPC). Some of the images presented merited and made it to the Loan or General Collections, while others fell short. You can learn plenty from both! Watch and listen to IPC judges point out areas of improvement, along with areas that really stood out. 

Below you'll find "Spears of Gold" by James Andrews, critiqued by Jon Allyn. Happy learning!

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