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Enter the International Print Competition Now - PPA Today

Enter the International Print Competition Now

Are you ready to enter the International Print Competition, where your images are judged against the highest standards of excellence? This is YOUR competition, where your images could emerge as shining diamonds...and you can get great, professional advice for improvement.

Enter and you can...

  • Increase your skill and confidence in your craft. Preparing entries for the International Print Competition forces you to look deeper at your own photography.
  • Earn merits towards a PPA Masters Degree. Accepted prints earn merits you need to obtain a PPA degree--a recognition of your level of commitment to and skill in photography.
  • Go "Loan." The best images become part of PPA's Loan Collection, which is exhibited around the world and published in PPA's annual Loan Collection book.

What's New in 2009?

  1. The registration deadline is May 1 (5 pm CST). As the judging will take place June 14-17, the entry deadline is earlier this year. Late cases will be accepted (at a higher entry fee) until 5pm CST on May 22.
  2. After you submit your payment, you won't be able to make changes to your entry. Please review your information carefully before submitting that payment!
  3. You must upload your images when you enter if you want them to be considered for publication.
  4. You must upload your images when you enter if you are ordering a critique.

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