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Education in Excellence: International Photographic Competition - PPA Today

Education in Excellence: International Photographic Competition

Your clients probably don't know what makes an award-winning photograph. But you can bet they recognize quality when they see it. What better way to refine that quality in your artwork than by entering photographic competitions? 

Simply mulling over which images to choose will help you take a closer look at your work (with the 12 elements of a merit image in mind). Getting a judge's critique can also be valuable for finding out the areas in need of improvement...and the areas of excellence. 

"Our clients aren't going to know if an image could be improved. Photographic Exhibitions Committee (PEC) judges do know," comments Constance Rawlins, a new member to the PPA board of directors. "The quality of my work has gone up because I've used competitions as educational tools to challenge myself." 

Are you ready for that education in excellence? Don't forget to enter and send your images ASAP...entries must be received by April 30! 

Rules, entry details, resources and more: 

Stories from photographic competitors are on's Resources section and in the Competitions category of this blog! 

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