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Are Your Marketing Entries Ready? - PPA Today

Are Your Marketing Entries Ready?

There's only about 2 weeks left to enter the AN-NE Marketing Awards. So why should you? As Melissa Miroslavich (winner of last year's Best Website) says, "The AN-NEs are a great learning experience. It makes me self-check, to really focus on if I was able to meet my objectives."

Plus, when you have an additional goal to shoot for (like enticing customers AND winning a competition), you often end up with a stronger drive to succeed. You start looking even more critically at your marketing pieces, trying to see them from another's view. Perhaps you even check out some of the images and articles about previous AN-NE winners (look at the Results and Past Winners pages). That can only help improve your marketing in the future, just like print competitions can push you to improve your photography.

The prizes don't hurt, either: Critiques, a free year of PPA membership, free Imaging USA passes, and more--including up to 2 service merits (1 merit for finalists)!

There are a lot of amazing ideas that don't get submitted. Don't be one of them! Download the rules now and prepare your entry for shipping (must be postmarked by June 26, 2009>

Good luck!

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