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Critique: The Strong Armed, School Marm...Zombie - PPA Today

Critique: The Strong Armed, School Marm...Zombie


By: Lauren Walters

Do nerves get the best of you when thinking about photographic competitions (entries are open now for the Northeast District Competition) and the International Photographic Competition (IPC)? Never fear, PPA is here to let you review a critique and become familiar with the process. Once you enter, your nerves will substantially subside. Not only will you get helpful advice to improve your work, but your confidence will shoot through the roof the further you advance in the competition. Grow as an artist and offer your work up for IPC judges to critique! Become a stronger photographer  and learn from experiences such as these image competitions.

Watch the critique of PPA photographer Kevin Floyd's piece "The Strong Armed, School Marm...Zombie" by IPC judge Jeff Dachowski.

Take the next step and stand up for your work!

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