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Critique: "38 Years Playing Just For Her" - PPA Today

Critique: "38 Years Playing Just For Her"

By Nicole McIntosh

To all the photographers who had images earn a merit or were selected to PPA's Loan Collection in this year's International Photographic Competition (IPC), congratulations! For those of you who did not participate this year, the 2016 competition is rolling right around the corner and it's never too early to get the ball rolling.

One thing that most all of the IPC participants will tell you about the competition is that entering is one of the best ways to improve all your photographic techniques! You have the opportunity to have your images judged against the "gold standard" to define a merit image, the 12 Elements of a Merit Image. The 12 elements allow the judges to define your image as having some of these specific measures or define it to be visually superior because it obtains a part of each element. Just by learning what elements your images contain can help you know what you do really well and where you may need to improve. 

Taking advantage of having your image critiqued will make your learning opportunity even better. You will receive an actual recording of an IPC judge giving you feedback explaining the judgment of your image.

Now we know to most that can sound very intimidating so in order to help you look past your fears we provided an example below of a prior real critique!

The image being reviewed below is from Gail Carver, CPP and her image "38 Years Playing Just For Her" is being critiqued by IPC judge Joan Genest, M.Photog.Cr.

Now that you've seen a real critique, we hope that you'll enter some of your work in the 2016 IPC! Check out our blog to find more critiques and more learning and... Don't forget that the Loan Collection images from the 2015 IPC will be on display for 10,000+ people to see at Imaging USA 2016 in Atlanta, January 10-12. We hope to see you there!

Nicole McIntosh is one of PPA's Marketing and Communications Interns, yay! Nicole is known for her vibrant smile and the one to laugh even if the sky is falling. A sophomore at Spelman College, she hopes that working with PPA will give her the tools she needs to start her own non-profit organization one day.


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