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Attention NorthCentral District: Alternatives to Print Shipping May Be Needed for IPC - PPA Today

Attention NorthCentral District: Alternatives to Print Shipping May Be Needed for IPC

The 2013 PPA NorthCentral District Photographic Competition judging dates (February 8‐9, 2013) are very close to the Imaging USA dates (January 20‐22, 2013), which means that any print case shipping from Imaging USA to you will not make it in time.

Why Is This Important to Note?
To enter prints in district competitions like NorthCentral, you must use an approved print case. So, if you only have one such case, you need to ensure it's on hand for your NorthCentral print entries. That means you may have to make alternative arrangements for entries at the 2012 International Photographic Competition (IPC). After all, if you ship prints to the 2012 IPC in your approved print case, that case is then used to transport your images to the Imaging USA exhibit (if they do well enough). And that means it might not get back to you in time to use for your NorthCentral district competition.

So, how can you avoid being without your print case for your district?

Ship Print Entries to the 2012 IPC in Cardboard Boxes--Shipping in cardboard boxes means your IPC entries won't be returned, but you probably don't need those for the new NorthCentral competition anyway.

Enter the 2013 NorthCentral District Competition Digitally--Entering your district digitally dispels the need for any print case and shipping fee. Just remember: If you enter an image digitally in district, you need to enter that same image digitally at the next IPC (especially if it earned a Seal of Approval at the district competition).

NorthCentral Photographic Competition District includes the following states/territories

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario

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