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World Records, Heated Arguments and Ideas for 2015 - The Top Blogs from 12/15-12/19 - PPA Today

World Records, Heated Arguments and Ideas for 2015 - The Top Blogs from 12/15-12/19


What's up faithful readers?! John here, back for another top 10 to let you know what you missed this week while you were busy with Santa portrait sessions or your last wedding of the year. Here's the best blogs from December 15-19!

1). A Good Thing for Our Industry: Peter Lik's World Record

HE DID WHAT?! A wonderful thing for our industry! Imaging USA keynote speaker Peter Lik just added another feather to his cap, this time as a world record holder. He just sold a single print for $6.5 million (or three prints for $10 million!). We promise that's not a typo. This blog theorizes just how Peter did it. 

2). Take Better Landscape Photos

INSPIRATION: After that last one, you're probably wondering how can I sell a multi-million dollar print? Well here's a good place to start! This video will give you some quick tips to create better landscape portraits. As for selling them? It's up to you to decide what they're worth!

3). An Argument for Flash

DISCUSSION: Natural light advocates beware, here comes an argument to the contrary. Jason from Fstoppers thinks there is a connotation behind saying you're a "Natural Light Photographer" and posits his views on the skill needed to effectively use flash. It created quite a stir in the comment section! Where do you stand? Oh and by the way, you'll find classes for each at Imaging USA.

4).The Best Photography Books of the Year

HELPFUL HINTS: Need a last minute gift idea or just looking to add to your collection? LensCulture put together this group of their favorite photobooks from 2014. Of course, we recommend the Loan Collection book, but feel free to find your coffee table inspiration however you like!

5). How to Create Snow in PhotoShop

QUICK .PSD TIP: Here's a quick video tutorial for any of you looking to create a winter wonderland in post-capture. You probably don't have much need for this if you live in, say, Buffalo, but you southern photographers might find the real stuff hard to come by!

6). Plan for Prosperity in 2015

INSPIRATION: Here's some inspiration for the New Year from our friends at H+H Color Lab. Make sure you check out their booth at Imaging USA!

7). Make an Impact in Your Local Community

BE MORE INVOLVED: Quick reading test--did you read #6 all the way to the end? That last tip comes into play here: reach out to charities. This Connecticut photographer did just that, and the relationship grew into a huge portrait project that landed him on the news and put his work in the State Capitol. You never know where getting involved might take you!

8). The Inner Workings of Creative Minds

BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGY: Past Imaging USA speaker Jeffrey Shaw had Dr. Matthew Kaplowitz on his podcast this week. They chatted about the workings of creative minds and some of the challenges we all face. If you've got a half hour, it's really insightful to the inner-workings of our minds and gives great tips on overcoming obstacles.

9). Spark Your Creativity with These Project Ideas

INSPIRATION: That Be More philosophy is constant, and requires commitment and dedication to your craft and business. But it can and should come in the form of personal projects too! This post has some good suggestions for projects you can undertake in 2015 to get out of your comfort zone and Be More!

10). Image Quality Battle: Film vs. Digital

DISCUSSION: Let's throw it to the holidays with another argument! This one kicks it old school, with the film vs. digital battle royal. There's plenty of visual evidence to back this one up, but the results might surprise you!

We did it again! Enjoy your holiday y'all. Have any blogs you'd like us to feature? Any topics you'd like to see discussed? Let us know on theLoop.


John Owens is PPA's resident wordsmith. Know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? That's where he comes in. The Connecticut transplant and (still) avid Hartford Whalers fan is an aspiring adventurist/novelist/racer on a lifelong quest to find the best trails, brews and burgers and wishes Taylor Swift would just stop.

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