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Top Posts From theLoop: Studio Tripod Heads, Sports Photography Lenses, and More! - PPA Today

Top Posts From theLoop: Studio Tripod Heads, Sports Photography Lenses, and More!

theLoop, an exclusive photographer-only forum, has been abuzz lately with PPA members posting pertinent questions. 

If you're ever looking for advice from other professional photographers, post your questions on theLoop and wait for the answers to flood in. You can also provide guidance for other members, receive feedback on your images, and even enter to win awesome prizes. 

Here are some of the top posts from theLoop for the month of February.

This photographer will be photographing an event, and attendees can purchase the photos from her website afterwards.  She seeks recommendations on the best software to sell photos for this one-time event (without locking herself into a long-term commitment with the software). 

What tripod head do you prefer to use for portraiture? 

Scroll through this list of business tips and add a few of your own! From under-promising and over-delivering, to the importance of always having business cards at the ready (even at the gym!), there are some gems here.

A sports photography newbie seeks recommendations on lenses for action shots. Got any tips?

This photographer is ready to invest in an L zoom lens, but is torn between the 25-70 2.4 or the 70-200. She likes being closer to the client in order to interact with them, and she also does lifestyle newborn shoots frequently, so she's leaning towards the wider end. But the long lens portrait look of her 85 is one of her favorites. Can you help her decide?

Remember to check out theLoop frequently, as new discussions are posted daily. It's a great way to catch up with fellow PPA members! Not a PPA member? Join today!  

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