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Top June Discussions on theLoop - PPA Today

Top June Discussions on theLoop

Hello July! Holy smokes--where has this year gone? It's already half over! How is your business shaping up? Check out these top discussions on theLoop to see how you can always improve your skills, your business and your bottom line.

What Was Your First Digital Camera? [PPA members community]

Take a trip down memory lane with this thread. What was your first digital camera? How far have you come since? Ah...memories. 

Starter Speedlight [lighting community]

Do you love your speedlight system? Help this PPA member see what might work best for a beginner. 

Photographing in Public Areas [PPA members community]

We get this question ALL the time! What are your area's policies for having sessions in public? Do you like them? What would you like to see changed? 

Shooting My First Wedding Today [PPA members community]

If you have a wedding story that'll make you cringe, this thread is for you! Crazy (unsolicited) 2nd shooters and how to handle them appropriately are covered here!

RC Aerial Photography [commercial photography community]

Learn the laws, ins and outs of the blossoming field of RC aerial photography! There are laws on the books, but can be difficult to decipher. Get the details and join the discussion here!

If You Could Photograph Any Event, What Would You Choose? [PPA members community]

No time machines allowed- but if you could photograph any current event, what would you do? There are some interesting and inspiring responses on this bad boy!

Everyone Wants A Discount! [finance community]

Where do you stand on the slippery slope of offering discounts? Does everyone get one? Are you 100% against them? Join the conversation and help this photographer get out of a sticky situation! 

Don't forget, theLoop is YOUR safe and secure online community where PPA members can discuss various photography topics... away from the public eye! 

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