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Top 10 Blog Posts from The Week: 7/14-18 - PPA Today

Top 10 Blog Posts from The Week: 7/14-18

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TGIF y'all. Buckle up, strap in, or you know, just continue to sit comfortably for this week's top 10 posts from the photography blogosphere.

Gregory Heisler Talks Photography as a Career

A past Imaging USA speaker and renowned portrait photographer, Gregory Heisler has done about all one can do in the realm of photography. When he speaks, people listen. Check out this video interview in which he reflects on his career and gives advice to photographers young and old.

The World's Smallest Instant Portrait Studio

A little ingenuity can make something small larger than life. That's what one photographer is creating with his tiny studio--small space, big memories. Definitely worth dropping in if you're ever in the area! But hint: It's far away.

One For the Coffee Lovers

This one's for all you caffeine-dependent folk who head straight for the coffee pot as soon as you enter the studio. We have several here at PPA! Now, could you imagine living in a coffee universe? Artist Flora Borsi could, and the Photoshop expert created one, replacing the sky with coffee swirls. Check out the results!

A Starving Artist Needs to Eat

We came across this touching letter from Dayle L. on the state of artistry in today's world. This emerged in response to the Shoot & Share controversy, which allows clients to change your final product however they wish. For anyone who's struggling, these words can offer some encouragement.

A Chart to Live By

Hmmm... this one looks familiar... Oh yeah! That's because we made it! We went viral y'all. (PPA brushes shoulders off.) We think the graphic is true, too, by the way,

4 Simple Tips for Photographing People Outdoors

These are some quick and easy tips you can use when you're shooting outdoors. Studio lighting and a controlled environment is great and all, but get on out there and challenge yourself!

Vertical Panos vs. Wide Lenses

Debate time! Traditionally, panoramic images are shot horizontally with wide lenses, but Levi Sim argues that you should flip that camera sideways and go vertical. Read his argument and see the results from a rooftop in Chicago.

Steal These Photographs!

Chill, keep reading. Photographer Lukas Renlund recently held a "Steal My Photograph!" exhibit in Cape Town, South Africa. It's pretty darn meta--but it worked! He created a fun and creative way to exhibit his art while also driving up its value. Check out the interview and behind-the-scenes video on fstoppers.

Photos from the Philippines - Typhoon Rammasun

Mother Nature offers some of the most breathtaking photography opportunities available, but when she unleashes her wrath in the form of a typhoon, it's the human element that captures your emotion. Here's a collection of some compelling photo journalism from Wednesday's typhoon in the Philippines.

5 Ways to Deal with Bad Wedding Photos

Sometimes your client won't like their images. It happens! These are some tips for wedding photographers on what to do next. Don't get discouraged out there (that might be one of them).

There you have it! Our 11 favorite posts from around the net. What are your favorite photography blogs? Let us know on theLoop!

See ya next week! 

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