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Photography Blog Round-up: Week of November 4, 2013 - PPA Today

Photography Blog Round-up: Week of November 4, 2013

Here at PPA, we always encourage photographers to constantly seek ways to improve their photography techniques, inspiration and business practices. To help you continue to be more, we'll be providing weekly round-ups of interesting and useful photography blog posts from around the web. 

So, without further ado, here are ten recent articles and posts we thought might be interesting for our photography friends. All from last week (week of November 4th, 2013). 

Is Camera Design Important?
The Photography Life blog dives into why camera design matters and how it can impact your work. Some of you will agree, while others may think that camera design boils down to marketing. We think there's no single correct answer, how about you? Read the post. 

10 Photography Lighting Tutorials From Beginners to Pros
Great photography can't happen without great lighting. All photographers could use some lighting advice from time to time. That's why we like DIY Photography's round-up of ten lighting tutorials that cover basic to advanced techniques. 

The Power of "No"
Visual artists always strive to give clients what they want, but occasionally you need to say no to a client idea or demand! It's not an easy thing to do. Stillmotion Blog provides tips for how videographers can say no and how to turn your no into an opportunity for creating an even stronger product for your client. Even if you only shoot still, these lessons still apply. Read the post. 

Ask A Retoucher: Questions From The Industry, Answered By A Retoucher 
Fstoppers answers questions from photographers about retouching in this Q&A. Post production is part of 99.9% of photographers' work these days and there's always a way to improve workflow, results and speed.
Portrait Photography Tips 
Former LA Times staff photographer Patrick Downs provides tips for portrait photography on the Photography Life blog by using examples from portrait artists whose work he finds remarkable (including Imaging USA instructor Gregory Heisler!) and shares his own techniques for success. Downs spend a lot of time in this post on the importance of lighting for great photography, so the lessons he provides will be useful for all photographers. Whether you shoot portraits, landscapes, events or sports, we think these tips are helpful. Read on.

Joe McNally Sports Illustrated Cover
Joe McNally tells the story behind photographing a recent Sports Illustrated cover, featuring the Boston Red Sox's David Ortiz and several Boston police officers who were among the first responders to the Boston Marathon bombing. Read the story behind creating the image. It's another great example of how professional photography can make an impact and difference in our world!
Interview: Susan Dobson, The Artist Behind the Haunting Series 'Sense of an Ending' 
PetaPixel interviews landscape and architectural photographer Susan Dobson about her latest project on architecture and decay. There's some great composite photography from Dobson in the article worth taking a look at as well! Read the interview.

Video Tutorial - Lightroom 5 Backup Strategies 
Imaging USA instructor Julieanne Kost discusses backup strategies for the Lightroom catalog, incremental backup catalogs, photographs, presets, preferences and additional supporting files in this video on her Adobe blog. Many photographers use Lightroom, so this video may help you speed up your efficiency and workflow with the software, giving you more time to spend actually photographing. 

How Networking At Photo Conferences Can Build Your Photo Business
Here's a good one to help you prepare for Imaging USA! Skip Cohen discusses the value of networking at photo conferences. Read the post.

Photographer Wins Big in Copyright Case, $1.6M Big
PetaPixel breaks the news about photographer Andrew Paul Leonard, who was awarded 1.6 million dollars in actual damages in a copyright infringement suit. Amazingly, he would have won even more in statutory damages if he had registered his images before the infringement took place. That reminded us: do NOT forget that PPA's Copyright Kit and copyright resources can walk you through the process of registering your images. Read the article. 

There you have it! We hope you find these stories helpful. Tell us about some of your favorite photography blogs on theLoop.

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