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Hot Tips from theLoop! - PPA Today

Hot Tips from theLoop!

by James Yates
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Have you visited theLoop recently? As an exclusive, PPA member-only forum, theLoop is a great place for members to connect with each other, share information/advice, get image feedback, and overall - a place to go if you need help. Become a member so you can "stay in the loop" with theLoop, and if you already are, then head over to theLoop to see what everyone's buzzing about. 

Lots of great discussions have been happening, so here are a few of the top posts from this back half of June. Check them out, provide some feedback, and perhaps even learn something new!

A Looper rented a 6D while her 7D was in service. Now, she's wondering what the difference is between full frame and crop frame. Chime in or find out for yourself!

After shooting a homecoming, change-of-command and retirement, and a wedding in the last three days in 110 degree weather, this Looper's camera strap has seen better days. Got any recommendations for a new, sturdy strap that's great for shooting in hot weather? 

One Looper wants to know: has anyone found a way to use Lightroom on a Network Attached Storage device?

Anyone have advice regarding what sources to use while building your own website? This Looper is totally new to web design, and thought it best to ask people who probably already have some experience with this. He's right. That's what theLoop is for! 

Great question here for anyone who has built their photography studio. "If you were building a new studio from scratch, what type of flooring would you put in?"

This one pops up every now and again on theLoop and is always a popular topic: "What photo printers do you use?"

And there you have 'em, the top posts from theLoop! Remember to check out theLoop frequently as new discussions are posted daily. It's a great way to catch up with fellow PPA members! Not a PPA member? Join today!


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