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Want Help Marketing Your PPA Charities Promotions?


charities_2010.jpgPPA Charities has raised the bar high--encouraging photographers to join together and raise $120,000 for Operation Smile by December 15, the amount needed to fun 500 basic surgeries for children with facial deformities.

To help participating photographers (those who participate in the 2010 Family Portrait Month campaign and/or the PPA Charities/Operation Smile Studio campaign), PPA Charities and key volunteers have offered marketing ideas and templates for download. In addition, Marathon is supporting PPA Charities with a PPACH PressPrints ordering portal, available to PPA members who are participating. Photographers can access the portal by clicking here

Marathon has placed ready-to-use templates, designed by photographers Sandy Puc' and Angela Weedon, on that ordering site. Simply select a promotion, client note card, or a client thank-you card; drop in your image(s) and logo; then order economical press-printed marketing products to support your campaign!

If you haven't joined either PPA Charities program, do so now. Then, you can log into the PPACH PressPrints portal by using the e-mail address you registered with for either campaign, and use "welcome" as the temporary password. It's one more way to help save those smiles.

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