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Ready, Get Set...Save Those Smiles! - PPA Today

Ready, Get Set...Save Those Smiles!

PPA Charities' fundraising season is ready to swing into high gear...are you?

Last year, the outstanding generosity of PPA member studios and vendors allowed PPA Charities to present a check for $100,000 to their charitable partner Operation Smile at Imaging USA. This unprecedented amount nearly doubled the previous donation!
For this year, PPA Charities Trustees are challenging you to help raise that donation to $120,000, which represents 500 smiles saved by Operation Smile medical professionals. Because those dedicated professionals donate their services to Operation Smile, it takes only $240 to give a needy child the precious gift of surgery.

How to Help Reach that Goal
There are many ways to get involved and raise donations for PPA Charities, including joining the 2010 Family Portrait Month (October or November) and/or becoming a PPA Charities Operation Smile Studio (year-round).

In fact, the PPA Charities website has been redesigned to better help you participate. There are new resources that aid in charitable fundraising activities and getting your business noticed, including success stories from photographers and new downloadable marketing materials (in the new Downloads section). Those who register for Family Portrait Month will also receive samples that have been designed by Sandy Puc' and her crew (sent to you after your registration)!

Save Those Smiles
Whether you save a single smile or many more, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are part of a professional organization that makes miracles happen for precious children. Become an accessory to those miracles--get involved with PPA Charities now!  

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