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PPA Charities News: Bert's Mission Trip Fundraising Challenge - PPA Today

PPA Charities News: Bert's Mission Trip Fundraising Challenge

A message from Bert Behnke, Executive Director of PPA Charities:

Hey PPA Charities friends,

I leave for my mission with Operation Smile on November 3, and I'm putting out a challenge. Let's see how much we can raise between now and while I'm there through November 14. I'll be posting daily updates on PPA Charities Facebook Group, Twitter, and I'll even try some YouTube.

You know it only costs $240 to change a child's life, so let's change some lives! Go to, hit the Donate Now button, and kick in what you can. $240, $24, $48, $96...let's do it in increments of $24 or $240 (and put a note in the message line about why you're kicking in).

I will personally e-mail all of you from Paraguay with some photos while I'm there, and I'll tell all PPA Charities friends how much we raised and who helped. For those of my friends who may try to hide from this appeal, I WILL FIND YOU!

Come on, let's change some lives!

Bert Behnke,
PPA Charities Executive Director

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