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PPA Today: Certified Professional Photographer: November 2017 Archives

Certified Professional Photographer: November 2017 Archives

By Bethany Clark

Do you have a goal to earn your CPP? Imaging USA is an excellent place to learn more about the program, its benefits, and dive deep into it! 

The Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) program assures others of a photographer's technical knowledge, experience, and continuance to develop new skills and techniques. It is a declaration of your professional competence. 

Being a CPP is like quality assurance because certification is a credential consumers and businesses understand. More importantly, it provides you with a tool for telling the world--and all those potential clients--why they should call you rather than a competitor down the street.

So if you plan to become a CPP, here are some options while you're at Imaging USA 2018:

Imaging USA offers a three-day intensive prep class during Pre-Con that covers all the technical topics on the exam. This class isn't for the faint of heart - it's an in-depth study of the technical side of photography, almost equivalent to a semester of college! You'll work hard and study hard, but you'll also walk away a more polished, knowledgeable, confident professional. And a prep class like this will give you a lot of confidence when it comes time to take the exam. 

Topics covered in the prep class include:

  • The Inverse Square Law, Filter Factors, Bellows Factor
  • Lenses and Filters
  • Color Theory and H&D Curves
  • Lighting Ratios, Corrective Lighting and Posing, Depth of Field, Angle of View
  • The Zone System (and how it helps you understand the digital histogram)
  • Difference between a Bit, a Byte and Bit Depth
  • And much more

After you've taken the prep class, you can choose to take the CPP exam at Imaging USA, too, while the information is fresh in your mind!

Nervous about the CPP Image Submission? Do you want to have more confidence and control of your images? Do you just want to understand light more? If you answered yes to any of those questions than this class is for you. This one-day pre-con class takes an in-depth look at the process of submitting your images for CPP, and provides you with techniques to create images that benefit your craft and your business.

The image submission prep class will:

  • Review the criteria and guidelines for submitting images
  • Provide tips on how to build your image submission portfolio
  • Explain how to analyze images and understand how they are created
  • Explore portrait lighting patterns and ratios (with live demonstrations!)
  • Provide useful insight on the judging process
  • Give you confident understanding of light
  • Demonstrate how posing, color, key, composition, and lighting all work together for successful images
  • And much more!

The CPP Exam:
When taking your CPP exam, you'll have the option to test in person or online. And you will have the opportunity to do so while at Imaging USA on Sun-Tues, January 14-16, 2018 from 1 pm - 3 pm! You must declare your candidacy in order to sit for the exam. And if you have already declared your candidacy, make sure to register for the exam by Monday, January 8, 2018.

If you're already a CPP:
All this talk about becoming a CPP; what if you already are one? Well, current CPPs are invited to refresh, relax, and recharge in the Certification lounge, exclusive for Certified Professional Photographers and Certified Drone Photographers! The Certification lounge will feature charging stations, light refreshments, and a place to chat with your fellow Certifieds. Stop by and relax awhile!

So now you know how to dive deep into the world of CPP at Imaging USA! Register for a pre-con prep class today, declare your candidacy, and take your exam, all while kicking your 2018 off with the energy, excitement, and information at Imaging USA

By Chris Homer

PPA's Certified Professional Photographer program (CPP) is one of the best ways to separate yourself from the competition and improve your skills as a photographer. If you doubt that's true or still think 'CPP isn't for me' - here's something to challenge your mind!

The video below shows 5 common myths about the CPP program and why every professional photographer should become a CPP. Take a look and learn why you need to consider participating!

Ready to get started on the path to become certified? Visit for all the details on how to begin!

ch_headshot_100x100.jpgAbout the author:
Chris Homer is PPA's SEO & Web Specialist, which basically makes Google Analytics his best friend. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Chris cheers passionately (and obnoxiously) for the Bulldogs in all things from football to checkers. When he's not hard at work on PPA's websites, you'll find Chris at auto racing events around the southeast, where he's known as a master architect of tent villages.


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