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PPA Today: Certified Professional Photographer: August 2016 Archives

Certified Professional Photographer: August 2016 Archives

By Autumn Rice

At PPA we love to help photographers save money on the products and services you use most! So, every day we find new ways to incorporate bigger and better savings into your photography business. 

Through your PPA membership you not only have access to thousands of dollars in discounts from companies like Apple, Office Depot, and Zenfolio, but you also get access to amazing savings from PPA! The full membership, called Professional Active Membership, includes: 

  • Online education: You have Access to all PhotoVision online resources and videos + all of PPAedu online tutorials and webinars
  • Magazine: you get your print and digital subscription to Professional Photographer magazine 
  • Marketing tools: You have all the See The Difference® tools and PPAedu marketing tutorials at your finger tips
  • Client Trouble Shield: you are protected with PPA's unique data loss and malpractice protection program, PPA's Indemnification Trust. It covers you when a client sues you for negligence or if they get injured on a shoot, and while it is a service we hope you will never have to use, it is there to protect you and save you and your business thousands of dollars when Murphy's Law strikes.
  • Insurance: You get 15,000 worth of equipment insurance, as your main insurance or as a secondary one if you already have one! Plus you can add other kinds of insurances such as medical, dental, general liability, and others, at discounted prices!
  • Online and off line professional networking: you are de-facto connected to PPA's Photographer-only discussion forums called theLoop. Tap into them to seek advice, image reviews, find mentors, talk through business dilemmas, etc.

So, remember to take advantage of all of the savings that come with you PPA membership. 

If you're not a member, all of these savings are waiting for you. All you have to do is become a PPA member for $27.92 a month. Other businesses would charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the information that PPA members get for free. 

Keeping money in your pockets in a lot of ways is just one more thing PPA does to have your back and help you Be More Savvy!

Visit to see all the ways you can save with PPA!

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By Autumn Rice 

See The Difference is the ultimate benefit to being a member of PPA! Customers don't always understand the difference a Professional Photographer can make, until it's too late. That's why PPA created the See The Difference campaign. Photographers looking to convey the difference between a professional and an amateur can use any of several tools created just for PPA members. 

These FREE marketing tools provide PPA photographers with shareable videos, side-by-side comparisons, logos, brochures, quizzes and so many other resources to help clients "see the difference." One tool we've found increasingly helpful is the Find-A-Photographer resource. Potential clients can find the right photographer for their needs by searching through our handy database of PPA member photographers. Make sure you update your MyPPA profile, so you too, can have a presence in your area. You can find more details about the Find-A-Photographer resource here

The See The Difference resources can change how your clients view your business. So, be sure to take full advantage of all the See The Difference resources available to you, for FREE, as a PPA member. 

Be proud of being a pro. Help spread the word to consumers, and start using your See The Difference marketing tools on your website and in your studio today!

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By Autumn Rice

PPA photographers are a diverse group of people who begin as friends, but ultimately become family. Through connecting with one another and sharing experiences, they provide a support that contradicts the thought of being in business alone. PPA's YouTube video series, Behind The Camera, features professional photographers who share their trials and tribulations, and their relationship within the PPA community. Today, Lisa Thayer pitches in. 

None of these interviews are scripted or paid for. These are real photographers, members of PPA, who value and share the power of their PPA community. 

In this video Lisa Thayer shares her experience at her first Imaging USA, why she joined PPA, and what she enjoys most about her photography career. 

Help your photography friends and share this video. The power of being involved and deeply connected goes beyond professional development. It's a support system no one should be left without. You can also view a full playlist of the Behind The Camera Video series on PPA's YouTube channel and learn more about the Imaging USA here.

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