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Carve Time Out to Focus on Style - PPA Today

Carve Time Out to Focus on Style

ViohlBlog1.jpg"Style" is hard to sink your teeth into, but it's an essential for pro photographers. If your work looks like everybody else's, your main selling point is price. But if you can find your own style, your clients will want to work with you because of YOU. Which would you prefer?

"You already have a style--everybody does!" says Carrie Viohl of Studio Viohl in Moultrie, Ga. "But most photographers find it hard to bring that vision into reality."

Even though you're busy running your business, you can't forget to focus on your art and style. And that's why Viohl is presenting a PPA webinar called "Create Your Signature Style & Reap the Rewards" (May 18th, 4pm).

One reason this unique look is hard to keep (or realize) is that it's now so easy to "get drowned in the photography of hundreds of other photographers via the Internet," as Viohl notes. "You can start to lose what your vision is!" To rectify this and focus on your own work, Viohl suggests putting blinders on...which she'll discuss during the webinar.

Viohl came into this knowledge with hard work. For her own style, she draws from the pool of her experiences, as well as music, art, film and theater. It's "as deeply rooted in me as my earliest memories," she says. "And as I get older, I get better at actually harnessing what I've learned."

Perhaps that's why she's offering to share her experiences in realizing and retaining her styleThumbnail image for VohlBlog3.jpg via this upcoming webinar. Her goal? To help other photographers explore ways of bringing their vision into their work.

 "We are all too busy. After all, creative people thrive in chaos!" laughs Viohl. "But we also need time and space to work." So come join her on May 18th and learn ways to carve creative time out of your crazy schedule--and make the most of it!


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