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SOPA and PIPA - Don't Be Fooled - PPA Today

SOPA and PIPA - Don't Be Fooled

We know that many of you have been following the developments with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA). There has been some confusion over the proposed legislation, which frankly is the intent of the bills' opponents. We wanted to take a moment to correct some of the bad information, and to let you know where we stand.

We were disappointed by some of the heavy-handed tactics used by opponents of the bills. The objective of those tactics was obviously to create fear and hysteria, while at the same time spreading false information about what the bills would actually accomplish. We want you to know the following:

  • Both pieces of legislation (SOPA in the Senate and PIPA in the House) targeted off-shore pirating of works produced in the U.S.
  • We do not feel that the measures were perfect--no legislation is. But the greater good demands that measures be taken to protect the rights of creators like you.
  • It is true that those mega-corporations opposed to the bill could possibly have been inconvenienced by the legislation. It is their job to make money, and their actions merely represented those purposes.
  • It is not true that the public would have been deprived of works to which it has rights, but rather, only those works that are copyrighted and being sold illegally by rogue off-shore websites.

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You guys have got to be kidding me.

Resigning from PPA over David Trust's opinion of SOPA and PIPA

Dear David Trust,

Your defense of SOPA and PIPA speaks volumes about your personal, narrow view of these two dying bills. Your opinion does not represent my opinion as a member of PPA in any way. Your opinion below does not even address the actual content and facts in the bills but, instead, focuses on your disagreement with the prevailing popular opinion which is opposite your own.

The two similar bills are misguided. They do nothing to enforce current copyright laws. They do propose, however, that the Attorney General may commence an action against any website the Attorney General believes to be a foreign infringing site. That, Mr. Trust, is giving the federal government the power to simply take down any site it believes to be a foreign infringing site. That could include your own personal site. These bills propose nothing short of government censorship and severely limit innovation.

Although nobody would disagree that piracy is a problem....both foreign and domestic, these two bills are just bad legislation attempting an oversimplified, under thought-out scheme to stop a difficult problem. It is another "heart in the right place, head in the clouds" government approach at solving the problem. As is typical with most government proposals at solving issues they should best stay away from, the unintended consequences of such these two bills could be catastrophic.

I am terminating my membership with PPA as of today. Your political ideology has no place in my career as a photography professional and I do not want to be associated with organizations that share your view.

Bruce Chezem

If the PPA does not reverse their support of these abominable bills, they will not be getting a membership renewal out of me. Censorship is not what I want my hard earned money going to support. This bill helps nobody. I am outraged and appalled that the PPA would support these bills!

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