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Copyright Registration Quick Poll: The Results Are In! - PPA Today

Copyright Registration Quick Poll: The Results Are In!


A few days ago, PPA asked if (and why) you registered your images with the U.S. Copyright Office, so we could share your thoughts with those on Capitol Hill. Here is what we found from the 2,830 photographers who responded (March 24-28):

How often do you register your work with the Copyright Office?

  • 2,392 (84%) of respondents said they NEVER register their work.
  • 41 (1%) of respondents said they ALWAYS register.
  • 324 (11%) of respondents said they OCCASIONALLY register.

Of those who always register their images:

  • 210 (38%) want the additional protection offered by copyright registration.
  • 111 (20%) wanted to establish their copyright ownership.
  • 16 (2%) specifically registered to pursue an infringement suit.

Of those who choose not to register their work or register on a regular basis:

  • 651 (25%) of respondents said they never heard about registration.
  • 636 (24%) of respondents said it is too time consuming.
  • 355 (13%) of respondents said it is too expensive.

These results were presented during a discussion about photographic copyright protection with Maria Pallante, Acting Register of the Copyright Office, on March 28. To read more about this meeting, check out "PPA Heads to Capitol Hill March 28-29."

To learn more about copyright registration, download the 2010 PPA Copyright Kit and watch the free Member Essentials Webinar "How to Protect and Register your Images."

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