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Canon Introduces Two New REALiS Multimedia LCOS Projectors - PPA Today

Canon Introduces Two New REALiS Multimedia LCOS Projectors

Canon has added two new projectors to its line of REALiS Multimedia LCOS projectors, the WUX10 Mark II and SX80 Mark II. These projectors include a new Photo Image Mode allowing for advanced color management and adjustments for ambient lighting conditions.

With the introduction of the Photo Image Mode, photographers can take advantage of added flexibility to improve the look and feel of images being projected. The new Ambient Light function allows users to adjust for lighting conditions by selecting from easy-to-use presets for both the type of lighting (Tungsten, Fluorescent and Fluorescent H) and intensity (Low, Medium or High). When selected, these options will automatically adjust the settings to ensure optimum color reproduction and image quality. In addition to adjusting for ambient lighting, the Photo Image Mode allows for fine-tuning of both color levels (intensity of colors) and color temperature. Similar to the ambient lighting, both of these adjustments can be made with easy-to-use presets. These new functions are ideal for users who are displaying content and cannot control the lighting conditions - such as educators speaking in classrooms or photographers showing their work in an art museum/gallery or at a seminar.

Learn more about Canon projectors here.

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