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Use your event sites to market to potential clients


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CollagesToday’s photographers know the importance of having a professional, up-to-date studio Web site to market to the higher spending, technologically savvy clients. Much of your business will be generated through online searches and potential clients browsing through your studio site…you need to present those visitors with as many reasons as possible to choose you.

One key to closing business through your studio website is effectively communicating your online posting offerings. Don’t just tell them – show them. Place a button on your studio website to serve as a link to a sample online gallery of your images. Not only does this allow prospective clients to get a feel for the interface you offer, it also gives them the opportunity to view an extensive gallery of your work. Focus group testing with consumers shows that they are more comfortable with a studio that lets them see an entire event - from beginning to end - rather than just a select group of images.

In addition to demo buttons, event listings are another effective way to drive more clients to your website. Normally, guests are instructed to login to event sites/galleries through the home page of the online posting company. However, when you add an event listing to your studio website, guests have the ability to access event sites directly from you, increasing your exposure and referrals.

Because of their effectiveness, demo buttons and event listings have become an indispensable part of many successful studio websites. To see a beautiful example of a demo button, please visit

To view examples of both types of buttons, please visit

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