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Use a studio logo to strengthen your brand



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Your studio’s logo serves as a powerful marketing tool, giving your wedding, portrait, and event websites the personal touch needed to make your studio even more memorable. Choose an online posting company that can display your logo on each of your event sites/galleries to remind visitors of the studio behind the images.

A well-made logo is essential to accurately represent your business. When designing or redesigning your studio logo, it is important to keep in mind these easy steps:

  • Look at industry examples. What do you like about other logos in the photography industry? How do you want to differentiate your studio logo from the others?
  • Keep it simple – a strong logo has few components. If your logo is too busy, it will not effectively communicate to your audience.
  • Create an instant impact. An effective logo captures your viewer’s eye and holds your audience’s attention.
  • Consider copies, color, and sizes. A well-built logo works well in different sizes and is still easily recognizable when reproduced, photocopied, or faxed in black and white.
  • Represent your studio accurately. If you are interested in projecting a more business-like message about your studio, the logo must look serious and professional. If you prefer to      project your studio’s light-hearted or fun, quirky personality, let your logo’s design embody this message.
  • Be consistent. Do not modify the logo once you’ve arrived at the final design. Be sure that partners or anyone else who may use your logo follow these same rules.
  • Use it everywhere. To strengthen your brand, proudly display your logo on all of your marketing pieces, letterhead, price list, etc.

More information about the importance of using your studio logo to build your brand can be found at

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