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A+ Marketing Ideas: Ace Ideas for Senior Portrait Promotion in Today's Market - PPA Today

A+ Marketing Ideas: Ace Ideas for Senior Portrait Promotion in Today's Market

Marketing to the senior portrait market is no cake walk. It demands an adaptive plan that stays abreast of the fickle tastes of teenagers while also appealing to the moms and dads who foot the bills. Check out two promo approaches that have been working for some PPA members.

1) Senior Modeling Campaign
For Eric, Cr.Photog., and Shawna Anundi of Eric John Photography, a senior model promotion has breathed new life into their senior portrait business. Suggested to them by the marketing team at Marathon Press, and based on a program that worked well for PPA members Shane and Sunny Dwyer, the campaign worked like this: Shawna posted Facebook status updates on the studio's page, requesting models for some promotional shoots. She posted the updates around 3:00 p.m. (when kids were leaving school) for six days over the course of two weeks. No cost, no obligation to buy anything; the only requirement was that the models bring a parent with them.

"For two hours after each post, the phone would ring like crazy," says Shawna. "After six days, we had signed up more people than we could handle, so we closed the program."

The modeling shoots usually last 15 to 30 minutes. At the end, the kids' parents receive all the relevant studio info, including pricing and booking details. Kids can come back for a viewing session to see the images in a customized slideshow (and about 90% of the participants did so). "I was hoping for 15 kids, but we ended up with 50," adds Eric. "From that group, we've already booked 33 full senior portrait sessions. And we still have another 10 model sessions to photograph!"

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