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Introducing Vantiv: PPA's NEW Credit Card Processing Program! - PPA Today

Introducing Vantiv: PPA's NEW Credit Card Processing Program!

by Trent Schick

PPA is always looking for bigger and better ways to save you money, and we're thrilled to introduce you to our new Vantiv Credit Card Program. This new partnership is meant to bring you smarter, faster and easier credit-card processing along with cost savings that put money back in your pockets.

Vantiv is offering a new EMV offer for you members, through the mobile pay system "SwipeSimple", and PPA has done the negotiating with Vantiv to get you much lower processing rates. The EMV device is only $60 with a one-time set up fee of $7.95, but the best part is your $60 device charge will be completely refunded after your first $20 in credit card transactions/sales.* 

Other great features? You can include up to 5 users on your account at no extra cost and there is no monthly product or usage fee! Processing fees are 2.48% (terminal or device) or 3.48% + $0.15 per item (keyed entry)

The SwipeSimple EMV device is "jacked" only, so you can plug it into your phone and be ready to go (those with iPhone 7s will need to use a jack adapter). Also, the device accepts both magnetic stripe and EMV chip cards. The whole system works simply through a setup account on SwipeSimple's mobile application, and you can keep track of everything on there.

Switch over and try PPA's new Vantiv Credit Card Program and see how much money you can save. Members are already saving hundreds a month!

*You will receive a statement credit for the cost of the mobile card reader when you sign up and begin processing transactions. Credit will be applied to your first billing statement and any unused portion of the statement credit will be applied to the subsequent month's processing statement until the credit is fully redeemed.


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