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Increasing Senior Package Sales

Packages are a popular and oft-lucrative sales tool at professional portrait studios. To make them really worthwhile, the trick is offering package options your clients want without limiting your sales potential. We talked to several studios to see how they make packages work for them--specifically for their senior portrait clients.

Good-Better-Best Options

bethforsester_senior.JPGBeth Forester, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, owner of Forester Photography in Madison, WV, designs her packages so her clients don't have to make hard decisions. At each price point, the package includes all the items from the lower-priced packages, plus new products. Nothing drops out, so they don't have to balance one package with some desirable items against another with other must-haves. For example, Forester's basic package includes all the client's proof prints. The next level adds a DVD slideshow with an iTunes podcast available as a free download. The next level comes with a storybook album. (Image ©Beth Forester)

"Seniors like collages, books and other image collections that are a representation of their personality," she says. "So we add some of those options to each package level to encourage upgrading. In addition, every package has upgradeable options. We offer frames, designer matting, graphic design elements and other add-ons. Everything has a good-better-best option, so we don't limit ourselves at any package level."

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