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Increase reprint orders and generate more business for your studio


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CollagesPosting your images online automatically generates added exposure and sales. Move your studio to the next level by taking advantage of your increased publicity and marketing your products and services to the guests, friends, and families of your current clients.

E-mail marketing is free, can be done quickly, and requires no postage or four-color printing. Plus, the value of collecting e-mail addresses multiplies when marketing to an audience that already knows your work (as guests of a previous event).

Look for an online posting company that stores and organizes all of the addresses you collect, as well as those of all event site/gallery visitors. You then have the ability to send marketing e-mails to very specific groups, from guests who made a purchase on a certain site to all event guests who have ever logged into any of your sites. It is not uncommon for a medium-sized studio to aggregate over 20,000 local email addresses in just a few years.

Use this e-mailing tool to:

  • Advertise discounts and special offers on event prints and products.
  • Market your studio’s photographic services to the guests, friends, and family of your current clientele. Target this audience, and you connect to people who have seen your work’s quality and have experienced its online presentation. More importantly, they know that your services were successfully used by someone they trust. These leads are not only purchasers of your images for the events they view; they are your best prospects for future business.

Sending a marketing e-mail is the perfect way to remind recent and potential clients about your studio, increase your sales and referrals, and build your brand. For creative ideas and examples of marketing e-mails used by other professional photographers, please see

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